Different Differential



Get the gear

I am basically tipping my hat to the hobby engineers out there. Somewhere along the way I needed a ‘universal joint’ but research efforts far outweighed practical knowledge. This post acknowledges those that inhabit the world of, wait for it… gears.

Hypothetical gear config @ 60 degrees:


and a nice write up on gears:


To bevel or not to bevel

In my research I came across some confusion in terminology (or probably my own). While mitre gears (or miter) fall into the category of bevel gears – gears of various angles – the term denotes a motion transfer of 90 degrees.


Some instances of rotation require antithetical movement such as counter rotation.

So what is the application for this type of gearing I hear you ask ?

Well, as Beatty Robotics outlined, NASA employs a similar setup for their Mars Rover to enable mobility over rocky terrain (beatty-robotics.com). And check out Beatty’s own fab counter rotation differential.

So here is my build for a similar axle. Needing a prototype setup to try things out I used adjustable parts such as bearings mounts, spacers, collars etc before constructing the 3 geared version. Casings, blocks and collars are aluminium.