Narcissist Personality Disorder

Immediate sign is that of someone who acts in a ‘superior’ fashion to others and this impression is manifested both publicly and privately. The slightest criticism of the narcissist is not tolerated by the individual, one of the protective mechanisms to sustain the persona.
Theirs is an idealized version of themselves or artifice. It’s a grandiose concept without normal checks and balances. This inflated idealised persona enables focus away from the insecurities lurking beneath. The difficult exterior is the manifestation of the effort needed to sustain the illusion.

The Narcissist cannot function without biased, interpersonal support from others. The narcissist supply supports the attention demanded at both public and private levels. Without the supply the persona is unable to mask the vulnerability beneath.

Does Narcissist tendency increase with social media use? There seems to be a complex relationship between the two. It appears that social media has substantial impact on users including younger users and that they can be adversely affected. But what is commonly defined as Narcissism on social media is not necessarily the same as is formally defined as Narcissism. Some of these social media accounts may display a genuine self like/respect that is not NPD. It appears that Narcissists prior to taking to social media will be more attracted to texting based media (known as textual) such as Twitter whereas those yet to exhibit Narcissistic traits will do so after using Facebook or other visually based media.
But so many conditions and variables exist and there is no conclusive evidence that social media actually creates Narcissists.
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Different clay

Christmas presents pose more than a challenge for the likes of moir, especially for the younger family members. So I take thee over to the art shop hoping for random inspiration (or a welcome distraction). What’s going on? What are all these materials?  Aargh, I feel sidelined again. It’s all new to me. I beeline to the sculpture supplies and recognize clay and Plasticine. What is balsa wood doing in an art shop? It’s been a while. Now I’m overwhelmed. But I came here for some answers. Air dry clay? I search the internet and it’s so confusing. A week later I discover six types of non kiln firing clay.
Polymer clay
Polyvinyl chloride based oven baked clay. It shapes easily and seems to have become the Lego of new generation clay. Think Schleich figurines and plastic plumbing. PVC has a mid weight feel.  Compares favorably to earthen clay which is quite a claim. Takes equally well to fine detail.
Paper clay
Very versatile clay. While not replicating the qualities of earthen clay it is light weight and air drying. These advantages alone set it apart.
Cold porcelain
Main ingredients are corn starch and PVA. It has a unique semi translucency. Ideal for jewellery as it is heavier then paper air dry and takes to fine detail. But it’s food for insects so be prepared for potential damage down the track.
Epoxy clay
Two part epoxy. Has a fixed curing time so requires adequate preparation.
Earthen air dry
If you imagine regular earthen clay without any need for kiln firing. It is also mineral based and the most popular air dry clay. Could be seen as an alternative to traditional clay and has the same weight. Ideal for professionals and beginners  alike.
Magic clay
A relative newcomer to the shelves but a real competitor especially in the kids market. No kneading required and has a smooth consistency. While it doesn’t have density and body for complex form it takes to simple shape making. Remarkably light and flexible when dry.

YouTube channels

I want to mention three channels on YouTube I’m following. Each has something special and keeps me returning.

I discovered Todd Grande by chance seeking out some psychological connection between Daniel Johns and Kurt Cobain. The recent podcast on the Newcastle singer has the Courtney Love quote, “So this young guy from Silverchair looks like my dead husband Kurt and sings like Eddie Vedder”. A cursory glance shows a plethora of posts including those of the 27 Club (Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse). Grande analysis of subject is so information rich I’m constantly hitting the space bar just to keep up. A combination of celebrity subject, cool analysis with hefty content all at breakneck speed that’s somehow irresistible.

Rob Cubbon is a superb communicator, someone who is able to explain everything about generating online income to his loyal followers. In the process he gently leads them to various courses and links to his website. If you get there you will experience a streamlined and hermetically sealed universe of html perfection. I joined his community via a hotlink from a Kindle publication. There are many videos on YouTube that are ingenuine and dross so Rob’s channel is a welcome relief. He even vlogs his personal development.

And finally, I was surprised to discover Rick Beato’s music channel. Mostly I’m at odds with today’s music scene with its reliance on play counts, streaming, spin doctoring et al. But that’s probably a reflection of my use by date. Rick stopped me in my tracks. Here’s a guy who seems to speak my language. Perhaps I’m not so weird after all. His enthusiasm is refreshing and his knowledge enormous. Even Joni Mitchell watches his channel sending him a signed record.