Diary entry

Western light streams through the window and the plane lunges left into heavy cloud and over rugged mountain ranges. We pop out the other side over the sea and I can see the coast line all the way up. It looks superb in the afternoon light. Strangely idyllic as the vegetation meets the deep beach. The sea looks restful as the waves break on the shore. Sky is dark with rain as it smothers the mountain peaks to the west with orange light breaking through. I imagine this is what it must have been like with the first tall ships. It looks stunning.

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I found myself watching Unhinged at the local cinema and wondered why I was there. Its the first time I could actually visit the cinema after the covid lockdown but it felt anticlimactic. A lawyer friend recommended the flick but it wasn’t until a critical scene that it ‘clicked’. Here is a lawyer on celluloid who is subject to the wrath of a road raging psychopath. The ‘unhinged’ Tom Cooper (Russell Crowe) manages to track them down on his victim’s phone. The grizzly scene is set in a suburban diner and ends quickly enough when Cooper reveals his intent. Continue reading Unhinged

Alexander Calder

As you enter the exhibition you are immersed in space and colour. But this is unexpected because the exhibits are all around you and some in motion. A great array of forms in all shapes and sizes. Some of these are vast as they tower above you while others appear weightless and almost float away. You are made aware of your human scale.
The effect is perhaps more akin to a child’s first impression. It’s not surprising mobiles are used to adorn baby’s cribs.
There are many stabiles on exhibit and some are as arresting as the mobiles. Their shapes are similar while their colours are limited to primaries. Continue reading Alexander Calder