Terminator: Dark Fate

Ok, I admit I’m not a Terminator diehard but I’d like to think this affords me a fresh take on the latest release.
Terminator: Dark Fate is the 6th instalment and the formula is now honed and updated sufficiently for contemporary audiences. I had my suspicions. Action and brawn, predictable scripts with uninspired acting and little else. Not so. Arnold Schwarzenegger has come of age. His acting has improved and that’s not surprising since he’s been around for years (or maybe the experience as California’s ‘Govern-ator’ changed him). He manages to portray T-800 Terminator in a new light and to make it/him ‘more human’. In true celluloid tradition he is able to give full expression and without saying a word. Continue reading Terminator: Dark Fate

Apollo 11

The fifty year anniversary of the moon landing has finally arrived (and you can almost hear the sceptics and conspiracy theorists kicking and screaming).
But haven’t we seen all the existing footage numerous times? Todd Douglas Miller’s Apollo 11 is special because much of it consists of rediscovered 70 mm film left in canisters from the National Archives. The angles are new, the faces, the rooms and people all seem from now and not then but for their ’60’s clothing. The effect is disconcerting because the colour and the fresh intensity of the Florida light is beguiling and you are immediately thrust into the magnitude of the event. Continue reading Apollo 11